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Your Success is Our Success

Welcome to Spectrum Tutorials

More and more students are turning to private tuition to help them pass their examinations. This explains why in the last 12 years the number of students attending Spectrum Tutorials and our revision courses has more than doubled.

Achieving good grades in GCSE, AS and A2 exams is more important than ever, in an increasingly competitive world.


Spectrum Tutorials and its sister company Spectrum Revision Courses Ltd (based in Cardiff) provide a unique professional tutorial service, that will help you achieve the grades you are aiming for.


Spectrum Tutorials was founded over 25 years ago and during this time we have established an outstanding track record - by providing weekly tutorials and revision courses, totally focussed on passing GCSE and A-Level examinations.

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What Do Spectrum Provide?

At Spectrum Tutorials, we provide a wide range of different tutoring and revision services. You should be able to find something that fits your needs and the student's current abilities.

Weekly Tutorials

for GCSE (Yr 10/11), AS (Yr 12) and A2 (Yr 13) students.

Revision Courses
'Crash Courses'

during school vacations, including October Half-Term, Christmas, Easter and Whitsun (end of May Half-Term)

Mock Examinations

for students during May/June.

Summer Tutorials

for consolidation of the previous year's work and preparation for the new academic year.

Last Minute Exam Preparation -

past paper analysis, revising model answers and question spotting.

Top Class Tutorials in Cardiff

If you feel that Spectrum Tutorials may be a good fit for you or you have any questions about our service, please get in touch today.

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